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Meet Our Family


Marvin is passionate about the health of his puppies—doing extensive testing and keeping consistent vaccination schedules to ensure each dog is healthy & happy! 

Eva is the master of all trades, the OG :) whether it be making food for the entire family of 12, loving on a puppy, making a puppy delivery, cleaning up the messy house, she does it all ☺️


Kyle, Malachi, and Jayden give our puppies their vaccinations with lots of TLC, and clean keep the nursery spic-&-span with their daily cleaning. 


Hadassah, Hosanna, Tirzah, Kezia, and Cassia are responsible for making sure your pups are extremely well socialized! They love playing with the puppies all day—whether it be pushing them in a stroller, cuddling on the couch, or just romping around with them in our yard while drowning in puppy kisses :) 🐶 😘 

Makaya and Alyssa make sure your puppy reaches his or her new home safely by flying all around the USA! 

Makaya also helps you choose your new furry friend by making sure it’s the right fit for you & your family, and can schedule a FaceTime call so you can watch your pup grow until he or she comes home to you! 

We're honored to be in charge of raising your forever friend! :)


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